Complete Covid Booster Booking Form

The Covid-19 autumn/winter campaign will be starting on Friday 6th October. Please see those eligible for vaccination below. We will be running walk in vaccination clinics on the Thurdays and Fridays you see available in green in on the calendar below 10am to 6pm in our Rose Inn Street store  (note Friday 27th October is not available we will be vaccinating on Wednesday 25th October instead) (vaccine appointments are also available after 6pm by appointment only please call us on 0567721033 to arrange your appointment). We will publish our November and December availability soon. To speed up your appointment and vaccination it is preferable that you fill out the online data entry by clicking on the button above (this is not necessary if you have previously been vaccinated with us). If you cannot do this you can fill out a form in store but this takes more time and is less convenient for our staff (unless you fill it out in advance). The Covid-19. vaccine to be used for the autumn/winter campaign is the Pfizer adapted Comirnaty XBB.1.5 vaccine. VACCINES ARE FREE FOR EVERYONE. Please note we can only vaccinate children over 12 years of age.

You can also get your flu vaccine at the same time as your Covid Booster but if you prefer we can administer these on separate days. Please see here for more information regarding eligibility for free flu vaccines and the cost of private flu vaccines.

Autumn Booster Doses

A booster dose will be offered in autumn if you are:

First booster dose

Some people have not had their first booster dose.

At least one booster is:

  • recommended for people age 18 and older
  • available to people age 12 and older

Wait 4 months after your last COVID-19 vaccine or COVID-19 infection. For some people who need protection sooner, you can get your first booster 3 months after your last COVID-19 vaccine or infection.

People under 16 must attend their booster appointment with a parent or guardian. A parent or guardian will need to give consent for their child’s vaccination.

All data we collect through this booking system is used to book a vaccination appointment for you or your child and to make sure that we can identify you correctly against your Individual Health Identifier (IHI). By booking an appointment, you are acknowledging for your data, or the data for your child, if under 16 years, to be used for this reason.