Complete Covid Booster Booking Form

The COVID-19 autumn/winter booster programme will end this week on 18th February 2024. COVID-19 vaccinations will pause for
the majority of people, with the exception of the the following:-

  • Those aged 12 years and over who require primary course vaccination
  • Those who are pregnant and require a booster dose

If you fall into either of the above categories we will be providing vaccinations Thursday and Friday 10am-5pm in our Rose Inn Street store . To speed up your appointment and vaccination it is preferable that you fill out the online data entry by clicking on the button above (this is not necessary if you have previously been vaccinated with us). If you cannot do this you can fill out a form in store.

All data we collect through this booking system is used to book a vaccination appointment for you or your child and to make sure that we can identify you correctly against your Individual Health Identifier (IHI). By booking an appointment, you are acknowledging for your data, or the data for your child, if under 16 years, to be used for this reason.