Our Services at Haven Pharmacy O’Connells

Covid-19 Vaccination

We offer primary course vaccinations and booster doses in our walk in clinic. For more information click here

Monitored Dosing Packs

These dosing packs, available on request, are a way of helping you, or someone you know, organise and take medicines at the right time every day. We offer this service free of charge.

Free Blood Pressure Testing, without prior appointment

High Blood Pressure puts extra strain on your arteries and your heart and this may lead to heart attacks and strokes. High Blood Pressure can also damage the eyes and kidneys if left untreated. In most cases, hypertension can be is known as a ‘silent disease’ in that it may produce no symptoms even while it is damaging the body. This is why it is important to have your blood pressure checked periodically even if you feel fine. Managing high Blood Pressure is something we will be happy to help you with. We offer this service free of charge.

Inhaler technique, without prior appointment.

Just call in and our pharmacist will be happy to help you with your inhaler technique to ensure you are getting the optimum result from your medicine. We offer this service free of charge.

Emergency Contraception, without prior appointment

Our pharmacists have been trained to treat requests for emergency contraception professionally and confidentially. You will need to answer a few simple questions before you receiving the Emergency Contraceptive Pill. This will help the Pharmacist ensure it is suitable for you to use. If for any reason it is not suitable, the Pharmacist will direct you to another source of help and support.

  • This service carries a charge for the product you will receive.

Our Products at Haven Pharmacy O’Connells

Exclusive to High Street

  • Shiseido Skincare and Cosmetics
  • Nuxe Skincare
  • Chanel Fragrance

Exclusive to Rose Inn Street

  • Guerlain Skincare and Cosmetics
  • Neostrata Skincare
  • Elemis Skincare
  • Vichy Skincare

In Both Shops

  • La Roche Posay Skincare
  • OPI Polishes and Nail Care Products
  • A wide range of Designer Fragrances